Meet The Team - Jim Rayner


Name: Jim Rayner

Company role:  Risk and Compliance Manager

Favourite quote or saying:  Every day is a blank page waiting to write itself.


Hi there, Jim! Great to get a chance to catch up with you. First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your background, and what do you do at Cherry Godfrey?


I am the Risk and Compliance Manager for the Isle of Wight and helped to ensure we gained regulated status here in 2021.  Previous career highlights include fifteen years in mobile phone retail, managing six trading offices for the charity Age UK, and some time as a teacher of computer science.


That’s an impressive and varied resumé! What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?


I started off as a grocery assistant at Safeways when I was sixteen and continued to work there throughout my time at the University of Plymouth.  The most important thing I learned was that you should always treat everybody as you would like to be treated.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever faced at work – and how did you overcome it? 


Achieving regulated status during the COVID pandemic for the Isle of Wight was a huge challenge.  With everyone working remotely it took a lot of time to make progress - but with persistence, reading, communication, and lots of coffee we got there!


What values/skills have been the most important to you, both personally and professionally?


The drive to achieve has always been important to me.  Nothing beats completing the task that ‘couldn’t be done.’


If you had to choose one problem to fix – something that people in your industry/niche commonly face – what would it be?


Within finance we are seeing a reduction in face-to-face interactions and this is something I feel is a huge loss to customers.  Getting to know an individual’s requirements takes more than just a few words in a text box. A personal, tailored approach is something we really prioritise here at Cherry Godfrey.


What do you love about Cherry Godfrey?


The fact that it really does feel like a family.  I know everyone; and, moreover, I know exactly who to go to if I need help with anything and everything.


Top three podcasts or books?


Anything from Terry Pratchett! If I had to choose one (at a push): Guards, Guards. I also loved The Yes Man by Danny Wallace (a real inspirational journey of positivity) and Whatever Love Means by David Baddiel - it captures a very specific period of the 1990s!


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?


My wife and I love walking our Labrador, Thearle.  She’s five years old now and still a puppy at heart.  Away from the walks I love travelling, playing guitar, and cooking.